General Orders

TitleOrder Date
  OP 15/2020 - Order on seeking approval for entering into swap transactions for managing the unexpected energy crisis during March 2020 due to the forced outage of 2 units at Idukki Hydel station - KSEB Ltd 29-07-2020
  OP 12/2020 - Order on seeking permission for providing two 11kV feeders to M/s Cochin Shipyard Ltd - M/s Cochin Port Trust 17-07-2020
  OP.No.13/2020 - Order on waiver of interest for delayed payment as per Schedule -1 of Miscellaneous charges of Kerala State Electricity Supply Code – 2014 - M/s BSNL 03-07-2020
  OP 14/2020 - Order on Single Point Supply and sharing of Electricity Charges as per Clause No.56 of Kerala Electricity Supply Code 2014 - BSNL 30-06-2020
  761/D(T)/2020/KSERC - Order to recall the order of the Commission dated 11.03.2020 in OP No. 03/2020 and provide the waiver proposed to ANERT empaneled contractors in the Technical eligibility criteria and Financial eligibility criteria for submitting the bids - Sri. Terance Alex 30-06-2020
  OP Nos. 1/19 to 29/19 & 36/19 to 41/19 - Order on enhanced tree cutting compensation for Mysore - Kozhikode Inter-State double circuit (Adv M.O Thomas) - M/s PGCIL 26-06-2020
  183/D(T)/2020/KSERC/ - Order on Review Petition (order dated 12.12.2019 in OP No 31/2019) in the matter of direction to KSEB Ltd to issue No Objection Certificate for availing open access - Southern Railways 26-06-2020
  OP No 11/2020 – Order on petition filed under Section 142 of the Electricity Act, 2003 for the deliberate distortion of laws related to electricity and delaying electrical connection of Afthab Tower- Shri. Abdul Kader P 11-06-2020
  OA 30/2019- Order on determination of compensatory tariff for rehabilitation of Iruttukanam SHPP distroyed in the Mahapralayam 2018 - M/S Viyyat Power Pvt Ltd 28-04-2020
  OP 58/2019 - Order on approval of power purchase agreement with KSEB Ltd for Kanjikode wind power - M/S INOX Renewables Ltd 28-04-2020
  Order No.1129/D(T)/2018/KSERC - Suo motu order on sharing the transmission and distribution assets of KSEBL - KFON (Kerala Fibre Optic Network) 28-04-2020
  OP 4/2020 Order on approval for inviting bid for implementation of 60 MWp grid connected solar PV Rooftop systems under ‘SOURA’ scheme by KSEB Ltd (RESCO mode) 28-04-2020
  OP 8/2020 - Order on approval of Power Sale Agreement (PSA) for 100MW wind power with the Solar Energy Corporation of India Limited on long-term Basis 28-04-2020
  Petition filed by KSEB Ltd seeking review of Suo-motu proceedings dated 11.11.2019 in Generation Based Incentive (GBI) for Off Grid Captive Solar Power Plant 24-04-2020
  OP No 1/2020 - Order on petition seeking approval for single point supply and sharing of electricity charges to Vadakke Madham Brahmaswam - M/s Thrissur Corporation Electricity Department (TCED) 24-04-2020
  OP 02/2020 - Petition under Electricity Act, 2003 for revoking the Power factor penalty charged on bulk supply licensee Thrissur Corporation Electricity Department by KSEB Ltd. 23-04-2020
  OP 13/2018 to 55/2018 -Order on enhanced tree cutting compensation for Mysore - Kozhikode Inter State (other petitioners) - PGCIL 23-03-2020
  OP 6/2020 - Order on approval for entering into short term power procurement arrangement for April 2020 to May 2020 - KSEB Ltd 13-03-2020
  OP 7/2020 - Order on approval of provisional generic tariff determined for Power purchase / sale agreement - 15MW Karikkayam SHP - KSEB Ltd 13-03-2020
  OP 9/2018 - Order on enhanced tree cutting compensation for Mysore - Kozhikode Inter-State double circuit (Bro. Sebastian) - M/s PGCIL 13-03-2020
  Order on Review Petition against the order dated 01.02.2018 in OP No.11/2017 - TCED 12-03-2020
  OP 3/2020 - Order on inviting bids for the procurement of power from 50 MWp of Solar Rooftop PV systems under subsidy programme in residential sector as per MNREs phase II of the RTS programme 11-03-2020
  OA 12/2019 - Order on reduction of tariff for retail sale of electricity to aided schools - Shri. P. Muraleedharan 25-02-2020
  OP 53/2019 - Order on approval of Power Sale Agreement for 200 MW wind power with the Solar Energy Corporation of India Ltd. 19-02-2020
  Petition for giving relaxation in interest rate on the arrears of M/s Malayalam Chemicals Pvt Ltd under the OTS Scheme 07-02-2020
  OP 57/2019 - Order on approval to meet the contract demand on multiple feeders of M/s Embassy Taurus Technzone, Phase II campus of M/s Technopark 28-01-2020
  OP 62/2019 - Order on seeking approval for short term power procurement arrangement from 2/2020 to 9/2020 of KSEB Ltd with PTC India Ltd and BSES Yamuna Pvt Ltd 14-01-2020
  OP 63/2019 - Order on approval of PPA for 1000 kVA to 1500 kVA between KSEB Ltd and KPUPL in respect of KINFRA HiTech Park, Kalamassery 23-12-2019
  OP 61/2019 - Order on approval of PPA for enhanced contact demand - KINFRA integrated industrial and textiles park Kanjikode, Palakkad - KPUPL 16-12-2019
  OP 31/2019 - Order on availing No Objection Certificate for open access - Southern Railways 12-12-2019
  OA 11/2018 - Petition seeking determination of project specific preferential tariff for wind mill project - M/s Kosamattam Finance Ltd 04-12-2019
  OA 26/2019 - Order on compliance of directions of the Hon''ble High Court of Kerala in the judgment in WP (C) No. 39396/2015 (Deemed HT Connection)- Shri. P.P. Jose 03-12-2019
  OP 49/2019 - Order on petition filed on the basis of Hon''ble High Court WP (C) No.37629/2018 - Shri. M. Chempakamuthu 03-12-2019
  RP 1/2019 - Order on Review Petition on the tariff order issued by the Commission on 13.10.2019 (OP No.l 8/2017) M/s INOX Renewables Ltd 02-12-2019
  OP 43/2019 - Order on approval of capital expenditure for the FY 2017-18 - M/s Cochin Special Economic Zone Authority (CSEZA) 02-12-2019
  OA 8/2019 - Corrigendum to the order dated 6.9.2019 - Pathamkayam SHED - M/s Minar Renewables Energy Projects Pvt Ltd 14-11-2019
  OP 12/2017 - Order on approval of capital investment plan for the financial year 2017 -18 - M/s Technopark 13-11-2019
  OP 59/2019 - Order on Power Purchase Agreement - in phase II and III of Technopark with KSEB Ltd 13-11-2019
  Suo Motu proceedings in the matter of Generation Based Incentive (GBI) for Off Grid Captive Solar Plants 11-11-2019
  OP 55/2019 - Order on Power Purchase Agreement between Cochin Special Economic Zone Authority (CSEZA) and KSEB Ltd for revising the contract demand of CSEZA from 10 MVA to 13 MVA 04-11-2019
  OA 59/2018 - Order on Determine and classify BSNL into the Industry Category 25-10-2019
  OP - 47/2019 - Order on Meeting power requirement during summer 2019- cancelling bid for procuring 150 MW peak power on short term basis - through DEEP Portal and making alternate arrangement for banking of power for meeting the power deficit during summer 2019 24-10-2019
  OP 45/2019 - Approval for Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with KSEB Ltd for 1 MVA at 110 kV for Technopark Phase IV at Technopark 22-10-2019
  OP - 52/2019 - Order on Scheme for the One Time Settlement (OTS) of arrears of KSEB Ltd. 17-09-2019
  OA 8/2018 - Order on petition under section 86 (1) (e) of the Electricity Act, 2003 filed by M/s Minar Renewable Energy Projects Private Limited for the Pathamkayam SHEP 06-09-2019
  OP No. 51/2019 - Order on petition for amending the Supply Code - restrict the supervision charges to 2.5% - National Highways Authorities of India projects under Bharatmala Pariyojana in the State 04-09-2019
  OP No. 50/2019 – Order on implementing of grid connected solar pv rooftop systems through EPC contractors / developers under CAPEX / RESCO by KSEB Ltd – SOURA Project 30-08-2019
  OA No. 1/2019 - Order on the basis of direction of Hon''ble High Court of Kerala WP (C) No. 39622/18 dated 13.12.2018 - filed by Smt. Rengini Sasidharan 21-08-2019
  OP 58/2018 - Order on approval for Edamon - Kochi Compensation Package - KSEB Ltd 09-08-2019
  OP - 48/2019 - Order on the installation of special energy meters and RTU for grant of long term intra state open access for printing centers with a contract demand at drawal points less than 1 MVA - M/s Malayala Manorama Co. Ltd. 09-08-2019
  OP 46/2019 - Order on petition for the approval of draft power sale agreement for 92 MW floating solar project at Rajiv Gandhi Combined Cycle Power Project, Kayamkulam 24-07-2019
  OA 13/19 - Order on determination of tariff for single point supply and sharing electricity charges - M/s South Asian Plywood Ltd. 17-07-2019
  OP No. 43/2019 - Order on approval of the additional capital expenditure for the FY 2017-18 - CSEZA 27-06-2019
  OP No. 44/2019 - Order on additional time / installments for complying with the one time settlement (OTS) scheme approved by the Commission - M/s AP Steel Re-Rolling Mills Ltd 27-06-2019
  OP No 42/2019 – Order on the approval of Power Purchase Agreement between KSEBL and Smart City, Kochi 18-06-2019
  OP 30/2019 - Order on grant of power factor incentive - M/c Kochi Metro Rail Ltd by KSEB Ltd 07-06-2019
  OP NO. 12/2018 - Order on Supply of 115 MW of Power to KSEB Ltd (reduction of fixed charges due to heat rate) - M/s Jhabua Power Limited 06-06-2019
  OP 33/2019 - Order on approval for sale of power to Chattisgarh State Power Distribution Company Limited - KSEB Ltd 28-05-2019
  OP No. 35/2019 - Order on approval of PPA for MSW based Waste to Energy Plant at Brahmapuram, Kochi - M/s GJ Eco Power Pvt Ltd 28-05-2019
  OP 57/2018 - Approval of draft PPA (petition No. 10/2017) - Waste to Energy Project of Kochi Municipal Corporation 05-03-2019
  OP No 32 / 19 - Granting approval for the modification in the approved Standard Bid Documents - KSEB Ltd 27-02-2019
  OP 12/2017 - Interim Order - Application for the approval of capital investment plan for the FY 2017-18 M/s Technopark 18-02-2019
  OP 8/2018 – Order on approval of Cost Data for distribution works for the FY 2018-19 –TCED 12-02-2019
  OP 9/2017 - Order on approval of Power Sale Agreement for 50 MW Solar PV project at Kasargod Solar Park - IREDA and SECI Ltd. 06-02-2019
  OP No 56 / 18 – Order on auction for procuring solar PV power plants to be established in Kerala on IPP mode 19-11-2018
  OP 34/2015 – Order on the basis of judgment of Hon’ble High Court – BSES Kerala Power Ltd. 05-10-2018
  OP 10/2018 – Interim Order on utilization of KSEB Ltd assets by a joint venture company named as KFON 04-10-2018
  OP 8/2017 – Order on tariff of 16 MW wind power project at KINFRA, Palakkad – INOX Renewables Ltd. 03-10-2018
  OP 5/2018 and 6/2018 – Common Order Removing the difficulties in establishing Renewable Energy – KSSIA & KREEPA 03-10-2018
  OP 4/2017 - Inclusion of additional distribution license area of KINESCO Power and Utilities (P) Ltd 11-09-2018
  OA 16/2017, 1/2018, 7/2018 and 9/2018 – Common order on Fuel Surcharge of KSEB Ltd. 13-08-2018
  OP 2/2018 – Order on PPA between Anakkampoil Power Pvt Ltd and KSEB Ltd 20-07-2018
  OP No. 1/2018 – Order on adjudicating the dispute between KSEBL and Maithon Power Ltd. 26-06-2018
  OP 3/2018 – Order on approval of capital investment / expenditure for the FY 2017-18 – KINESCO 28-05-2018
  OA No. 15-20/2016 – Order on withdrawal of Review Petitions for the FY 2009-10 to 2014-15 - KPUPL 04-05-2018
  OA 17/ 2017 - Approval of the cost data for materials and labour for the distribution works FY- 2018-19- KSEB Ltd 27-04-2018
  OP 4/2018 – Order on petition Matha Amrithanandamayi Math, Kochi on KSERC (Grid Interactive Dis…….) Regulations, 2014 10-04-2018
  OP 11/2017 – Order on approval of capital investment for 110 kV sub-station – Thrissur Corporation Electricity Department 01-02-2018
  OA No. 16/2017 – Order on the fuel surcharge for the 1st quarter of the FY 2017-18 – KSEB Ltd. 24-01-2018